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March is here, and that can mean only three things; weather is getting warmer, basketball is starting up, and Point S is going to host a March Madness promotional event where you can bring your car in and save!

Get Ready For The Road

With the warmer weather, and the clearing of roads, it’s time to make sure your car is ready for another year on the asphalt! Take advantage of our March Madness prices, and look into getting those new tires that will give you more life, durability and safety on the road. Or make a deal with our experts and have your car looked into to get those repairs you’ve been meaning to have done. Maybe now our prices are right for you!

It’s true that big brand names exist for a reason, and sometimes they even become synonymous with the product they’re associated with. Most people don’t need to be told what Oreos are, and when someone Xeroxes something, everyone knows. The same is true in the world of tires, a world we know very well, and pay a lot of attention to at Bruneel Point S.

Spring means warmer weather, and it also means better driving conditions for people on the road! Now that all the precautions you took for winter are no longer necessary, are you set to just hit the road for spring? Not quite! There are a few things you should do to get ready for this seasonal change: 

Check Your Wipers

You’re not supposed to do it, but a lot of us do; using the window wipers and wiper fluid to clear snow and ice off our windshield during the winter. With actual rain on the way, check your wipers to make sure they’re still in good condition and won’t scratch your car!

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