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Spring is almost here and with the warmer temps coming our way, we want to let you know how much the increased heat can affect your tires. Heat happens to be your tire’s worst enemy and the hotter the tire gets, the risk of failure gets high. It is to be noted that hot weather always impacts tires more than the cold weather and this is because tires usually build pressure, which causes overheating and eventually tire blowouts are experienced. Car owners are usually advised to be aware of how heat waves may affect their tires because no matter how safe and careful you are when driving, excess heat can easily cause old or worn out tires to fail. Consider avoiding the following when driving this Spring;

Every car owner knows that eventually they will be required to rotate their tires, however most are not sure when exactly this needs to be done. For starters, tires should be rotated at the same time and it's usually easiest to do this every time you get your oil changed. This goes on to prolong the life of the tires thus saving you money and a potential blowout down the road. Below you will find a few signs that tell you it is time for a tire rotation. 

Tire blowouts may be a common menace especially in the Spring or Summer weather, and if you want to avoid them... These simple tips should be followed:

Avoiding under-inflation is one way since it has been considered as the surest way of killing tires. Proper tire pressure is mandatory for all cars and responsible drivers should not wait for the Tire Pressure Monitoring System to alert them. These should be checked by hand constantly or have a tire professional do it for you.

Since Spring comes right after the Winter weather it is imperative that you take time for some Spring maintenance to insure a better performance. You should always at least service your car twice in a year and this is regardless of the weather. Spring is usually a great time to take your car for servicing especially after the wet and cold weather that might have affected your car system. Here’s where your local Tire Factory auto shop will check the following;

Are you planning a road trip soon or maybe you have a long daily commute? Here is something you might surely be interested in.  It is news that will gain the attention of all interested parties because at your local Bruneel Point S we can provide our clients with a full vehicle safety inspection including checking or replacing headlights or taillights before you hit the road.

Our ASE certified technicians can provide you with peace of mind that is priceless. Additionally we can spare you any unfortunate car problems that may put a major dent in your plans. A safety inspection check is something to look into as it prevents lots of long- term hassles.

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