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When it comes to your car maintenance an oil change is one of the important aspects. Actually it is advisable to have it done after every 3000 to 5000 miles. Sometimes you may be doing less miles per day and four months down the line you notice that you have not hit the recommended mileage, many people ask whether they still need to change oil. The answer to this question is yes! In fact if you find that you are hitting less miles per day, you need oil change more often than those cars which are driven for longer distances per day.

Our annual coat for kids coat drive is on and we are urging everyone to donate their extra coats for the purposes of donating them to local schools. It is important to know that not every kid has a coat to wear to school when the weather is a bit tough. At Tire Factory, we started this coat drive a years ago and every year we keep collecting more and more coats! Our last year’s coat drive brought in about 10,000 coats and we are happy that all of us could help make a difference in a kid’s life.

For those of you, who are in the state of Idaho, we collect coats at all local Tire Factory stores... so feel welcomed to donate your share to your local tire factory that is near you. This is a great gesture to those kids who lack warm clothing in harsh weather conditions so consider donating towards this cause and help us surpass last year’s collection. Once you have made your donation, we will make sure that the coats get to those in need in a timely fashion before the cold weather sets in.

Harsh weather can be quite dangerous when it comes to automobile travel which is why motorists should know the rules that apply when driving in snowy or icy road conditions. Knowing and obiding by these rules will go a long way in helping to prevent accidents from happening. The following are tips that will ensure that you get to your destination safe and sound, that is, if you apply them. They include the following;

Winter tires are important and motorists should know that all-season tires do not really provide the required performance on the road especially when temperatures dip. On snow and ice, it is easy for the car to skid and this is because all-season tires were not built entirely for these conditions. Winter tires on the other hand have been specially built to provide your car with the much needed extra traction. The major difference that winter tires have over all-season tires is that they are made from a higher quality rubber compound and also have studs for a better grip.

Maintaining your car is very important and this is by having routine check-ups once in a while even if you are not experiencing mechanical problems with it. One of the ways is to always ensure that the correct tire pressure is evident every couple of weeks and this is because of the following;

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