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Wheel balancing is important and in the event that it has been awhile without having your wheels balance, consider having them balanced. This is because unbalanced tires often put irregular pressure on the treads and this makes the tires get too hot, eventually leading to them wearing out unevenly. It also causes a strain on the wheel bearings together with the suspension system. In case you do not know the signs associated with imbalanced tires then be informed that vibration is the most obvious sign when your car is over 40mph. This happens especially when the imbalanced tires are placed on the front so instead of waiting until something happens, have regular maintenance of your car and it will be in tip-top shape.

The 2014 truckload sale is here and you better hurry while the stocks last! In the event that you were planning to upgrade your car with new tires, you’d better show up at the 2014 truckload sale. In this particular sale, offers will be given on a number of tire brands and this will be valid up to the 14th of November 2014.


In this sale, you will be saving up to $160 on every brand and because bad weather is just round the corner, you better get yourself the best tires for that particular weather. This is actually great news for all car owners and retailers of tires and this is because you will be prepared ahead of time and the bad weather will not get you off-guard. For retailers, this is good news for your customers and this is because you will have enough tires for them for the entire season.

It is important to prepare your car for the cold weather in advance and this is because it will save you a lot of time and money. To prevent you from ending up on the road side and dealing with unexpected repairs, you should consider observing the following;


Regular auto maintenance:

The cold weather usually causes some changes to your car system and to prevent that from happening, you should consider giving your car a maintenance session in regards to the salted roads, freezing temperatures and cold weather precipitations.

Having your vehicle’s air conditioning unit perform in tip-top shape is important and this is because you would not want to get stuck in the summer heat with an air conditioning unit that is not functioning. This actually shows you that a lot of difference is made when there is cool air emanating from the vehicle’s air conditioning unit.

The best way to actually tell whether your vehicle’s air conditioning unit has a problem is if it cannot generate or maintain air temperatures that are fifty degrees Fahrenheit which is ten degrees Celsius below the ambient outside temperature. One of the most common causes of a malfunctioning air conditioning unit is a low level of refrigerant. This could be caused by a leak coming from somewhere in the unit and in the event you happen to establish this, consider having Bruneel Tire Factory experts check it out.

The summer is usually sweet after experiencing the bitter cold winter, but sooner than later, the high temperatures and scorching sun become unbearable. Similarly, your car is also affected by the extreme heat that is experienced during summer. It is therefore important to take care of it to avoid any break downs. Here is a checklist of crucial tips you need to always remember before you switch on the ignition key:


Your car’s tires

Many experience blowouts specially during this time of summer. Why? Simply because their tires are under-inflated causing them to overheat increasing the likelihood of blowout. In addition, under-inflated tires affects your car’s handling and breaking, this poses a risk to not only the driver but also other road users.

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