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When the weather cools down, and the leaves change, you know that it's time to head back to school. When this happens, properly preparing a vehicle for a summer-to-fall transition might just make the difference between breaking down at midnight in the rain and making it home safely after a late night study session.

Would you like to save money on new tires this season? Tire Factory has countless tires for all vehicles - all marked down, so you can get out on the road this summer with the best tires for your vehicle at the lowest price.

Summer is quickly approaching and, in some areas, the hot weather is already here and in full force. Your car needs all of the help it can get to be able to tolerate the high temperatures and operate properly. That is why you should always get an oil change and have your tires checked when the hot weather first arrives. The other thing you need to do is get your car’s air conditioning checked out and fixed up to make sure it is ready to go.

When the weather starts to get nicer and the roads are no longer clogged with snow and ice, that is when people get the urge to head out on the open road and just go somewhere. Before you hit the open road, you need to get your vehicle into Bruneel Tire Factory for an inspection as well as all of the necessary maintenance on your brakes, tires and of course once your oil change is done, then you can start getting a better look at the countryside.

Our automobiles represent much more than just basic transportation. They are a reflection of our personalities, our sense of style, and our ambitions. With this in mind, the average individual is well aware of the type of maintenance at their vehicle needs in order for it to provide them with years of reliable service. They understand that regular oil changes are crucial and they are quick to notice any unusual squeaks or creeks while traveling down the road. Unfortunately, however, a lot of people fail to properly maintain the tires on their vehicle. 

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