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Winter is upon us, and you know what that means—icy roads, slippery conditions, and even resorting to crossing your fingers in hopes that your car starts.  If your car isn't ready for this, you're going to be in for a rough winter season.  Bruneel Tire Factory can help you get ready for the winter.  The ice can be tough to generate traction on, and if you don't have the right tires and have to make a quick stop or a sharp turn, your car could spin out of control unpredictably and possible cause an accident.  Older tires may not have the grip they once did, but we've got the tires you need to keep your car on the road.  It might be worth it to get new tires before the winter season gets here in full force.

Bruneel Tire Factory is more than just the best place to get tires in Boise and the Treasure Valley area.  We're also your neighbors and live in your community.  We keep this in mind every day, but it becomes even more important during the holiday season.  We're doing a couple of great promotions throughout November and December to reinforce the spirit of giving during this joyous time.  We're giving away tires, and we're also collecting coats to give to children in need.  Coats For Kids is an important charity, and we're glad to help out in any way we can, because that's what good neighbors do!

Winter is on its way, or has already arrived in many places.  It’s time to install those studs and chains on your tires again, or is it?  How about considering tire siping this year?  It is a great choice as opposed to other methods, and provides continued traction year round on wet surfaces.  Siping has been shown to improve starting, stopping, and driving traction by up to 200%.  Additionally, siped tires deliver a smoother ride, better tire performance, and longer tire life.  Tests have shown that braking performance peaks just before tires lose traction. Siping tires increases the time span of peak braking performance by providing extra grip.  

It is absolutely necessary to get your oil changed on a regular basis to make sure your car remains in good working condition over time.  The normal recommended interval between oil changes is every 3,000 miles for standard motor oil and every 6,000 miles for synthetic oil.  Putting off an oil change is one of the worst things you can do, in part because of the wide array of benefits by putting clean oil in your car.  To begin with, it improves engine performance, extends engine life, as well as improves the car’s gas mileage.  You can change the oil yourself or you can take it to a car maintenance facility and they can do it for you.

Preventing car damage and repairs should be every car owner’s number one priority. Cars are the primary method of transportation for many families. Many people count on a working vehicle to take them to and from work. Keeping a car in good condition requires a few simple services done on a regular maintenance schedule. Not only do these services keep key components running smoothly, but they also help prevent expensive repairs and even potential accidents.

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