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We were lucky this year, with a comparatively mild winter, but now that spring is officially here, it’s time to breathe a sigh of relief and start looking forward to better driving weather! Things are going to be improving both temperature-wise and with road conditions. What better way to bring in the new season than with some improvements to your car?

Most people forget that there’s actually a battery in your car that’s reliably providing power over the months and years until it finally runs out of juice and needs replacement. Unfortunately for a lot of people, they usually find this out when they need to drive somewhere and find their car won’t start. But your car will usually give you a few warning signs before the battery completely gives up the ghost. Here are the hints you should look for. 

With winter here, it’s time to readjust those driving habits and be more mindful of safety on the road. This is especially true once the snow comes down and the icy roads set in for the season. If you’re still unsure what do when it comes to driving in snowy condition, just follow these tips for a safer, smoother driving experience. 

The one thing that winter in Idaho practically guarantees is that at some point, road conditions will not be ideal. There may be issues with icy roads, or wet roads with the threat of hydroplaning, or even just plain poor visibility because of snowstorms. Regardless of which conditions are affecting the road, there’s one thing you want to make sure is in great working condition at this time of year, and that is your brakes. 

Winter is basically here, and that means Idaho residents have to prepare for the arrival of colder temperatures, frozen rain, snow, ice, and other hazards that can make driving a riskier venture than usual. Are you ready to deal with what winter is ready to dish out? Have you taken these preparations? 

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