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The meteorologist are predicting another summer of record breaking highs for daytime temperatures! That’s great for people that want warm, sunny days, but it can be bad for places that already get hot, like the interior of your car and its engine. If you’re going to do the American thing and get out on the road more often this summer, have you prepared your car for the longer, hotter days ahead? Here are a few tips to make sure you’re ready.

Start Your Trip Safely

With summer here, and school out, there’s a big temptation to just act on impulse, hop in a car and drive. That’s understandable when the weather is so great, but if you’re planning anything major with a car, like a road trip, you should probably bring your vehicle in for an inspection and summer tune up first.

Bruneel Point S was, is and always will be a local company that is happy and proud to serve the people of Idaho. That’s why it’s our very great pleasure to announce that the good people of Nampa will soon get to enjoy not one but TWO Bruneel outlets in their area.

Summertime means a lot of different things to everyone out there. But one thing that it has a huge impact on is your vehicle and its overall performance. As the temperatures rise, your vehicle’s cooling system will be used more and more. Making sure your AC unit is in the best shape possible is vital for staying comfortable on the road this year. 

As spring rolls around, we end up going through a lot of rituals. Adjusting our clocks and annual spring cleaning are just two examples. Another perfect example that you should get in the habit of? Taking the time to get routine vehicle maintenance. If you make sure that you take your car to get a tune up and alignment every spring, you’ll ensure that you stay safe and happy on the roads each year.

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