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Is it time to get new tires for your vehicle? Have you held off because you are waiting on a great deal to grab your attention? Well, now you can get up to $100 back on a set of four select Goodyear tires plus receive an added bonus of up to $100 more when you use your Goodyear credit card to make the purchase!

Since 1966, we have been a mainstay throughout Idaho and have been helping our neighbors for decades. Our highest priority has always been our customers and finding new ways to earn their trust. If you aren't satisfied with your tire purchase, we will do whatever we can to provide you with the quality products and service you have come to expect over the years.

As a vehicle owner, it's important that you understand how critical it is to maintain your tires throughout the cold winter months and what can happen if you don’t.

During the winter, the cold air causes your tires to lose some of their air. The dropping temperatures cause the air to become much denser which can then begin to lower the air pressure of your tires.

After a long summer of hitting the road, the colder season is headed our way. Now is be a good time to think about getting some new tires. Let Bruneel Point S and Goodyear tires help you out with our special high fly savings rebate offer!

From now until September 30th 2018, you will have the opportunity to enjoy up to $160 off your purchase on four select Goodyear tires, courtesy of Goodyear and a special rebate offer! Just pick from favorite models like the Assurance Weatherready or the Wrangler Trailrunner, and enjoy even bigger rebates if you use a Goodyear credit card for the purchase! Drive and save smart this winter!

The Falken Tires Brand is known as one of the industry’s leading high-performance tire brands. These tires are suitable for cars, trucks, SUV’s and crossovers and Falken has built their reputation on a foundation of high quality and high-value products.

Their primary focus is on Ultra High-Performance tires, yet have many other products available for light trucks, commercial medium trucks, and even bus radial tires.

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