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The Importance of Getting Your Oil Changed

It is absolutely necessary to get your oil changed on a regular basis to make sure your car remains in good working condition over time.  The normal recommended interval between oil changes is every 3,000 miles for standard motor oil and every 6,000 miles for synthetic oil.  Putting off an oil change is one of the worst things you can do, in part because of the wide array of benefits by putting clean oil in your car.  To begin with, it improves engine performance, extends engine life, as well as improves the car’s gas mileage.  You can change the oil yourself or you can take it to a car maintenance facility and they can do it for you.


One of the first major benefits you’ll experience from an oil change on a regular basis is a slight increase in gas mileage.  As oil  ages in your car, it begins to break down.  As it breaks down, it creates friction between the moving parts of your engine.  As friction increases, so does the heat produced.  Mixing heat and friction will burn more gas, which in turn will decrease the number of miles your car gets per gallon of gas.  This will cost you more in the long run because you’ll have to go to the gas station to fill up more often.


The car only goes as far as the engine does, so if you want to extend engine life, a regularly scheduled oil change is the most inexpensive course of action.  How your engine performs depends largely on the type of oil you put into it.  If the engine is considered the heart of an automobile, then the oil is the blood.  The engine will run cleaner and more efficiently.  A cleaner engine runs much better than a dirty one can.


If you regularly put synthetic oil in your car during an oil change, the main advantage over traditional oil is that synthetic oil goes longer without having to be changed; normally, the recommended time lapse between each synthetic oil change is about 6,000 miles.  In short, oil changes are absolutely necessary for the long term health of your car.  No one wants their cars to break down at the most inopportune time, so remember to get the oil changed.  An oil change can help your car continue to run as well as it possibly can, while also improving gas mileage and increasing horsepower.

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