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Tire Siping

Winter is on its way, or has already arrived in many places.  It’s time to install those studs and chains on your tires again, or is it?  How about considering tire siping this year?  It is a great choice as opposed to other methods, and provides continued traction year round on wet surfaces.  Siping has been shown to improve starting, stopping, and driving traction by up to 200%.  Additionally, siped tires deliver a smoother ride, better tire performance, and longer tire life.  Tests have shown that braking performance peaks just before tires lose traction. Siping tires increases the time span of peak braking performance by providing extra grip.  


A tire’s tread surface is made up of tread blocks.  These are sections of the tire that are made specifically to provide traction on slick surfaces.  When road conditions are wet or icy, the smooth surfaces of the tread blocks, combined with their rough edges, add extra griping power.  However, tire siping gives you even more traction from your tire.  This is because of the fact that siping the entire tire surface results in more griping edges.  Siping does not remove any rubber from the tread.  This allows each sipe to support the other.  Molded sipes leave gaps in the tread.  A sipe, being a small, 90 degree cut, is practically invisible.


Siped tires also provide a smoother ride by giving the tire micro-flexibility.  The tire carcass and sidewalls do not have to absorb as much friction from an uneven road surface.  Tire siping gives a tire more shock absorbing properties.  Tire life is also extended since the flexible siped surface is taking on most of the impact to the tire.  Heat distribution to the tire is also a natural result of friction.  However, a siped tire results in a cooler tire, because the sipes have a heat disbursing effect.  


Sipes in mass production are too expensive and time consuming for tire manufacturers to perform.  Your local Bruneel Tire Factory has a siping machine to provide this service.  This specially designed machine rotates your tires, while making small 90 degree cuts in the tread.  Tire siping can be performed on new or used tires.  Be ready for those snow packed roads this winter!  Inquire today about this smart and effective procedure for your tires.  You will notice an immediate result in your vehicle’s handling ability.

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