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Brake Service

All the components of your vehicle need to work together to keep you moving and to keep you safe. Brakes are easily the most important part of your safety while driving, and it’s important to keep them in the best shape. Our team will provide you with a free brake inspection and identify any potential problems.


If you need new brakes, our service professionals will do more than just replace the pads. Here’s a look at what a complete brake service from us includes:


  • Installation of new brake pads that meet factory specification
  • Inspection of the brake rotor, and replacement or repair if needed
  • Inspection and adjustment of the parking brake
  • Check for contamination or moisture within the brake system
  • Check of all lines and hoses in the hydraulic system
  • Wheel cylinder and caliper inspection
  • Master cylinder and caliper inspections
  • Brake fluid flush Cleaning of master cylinder to remove dirt and old fluid
  • New brake fluid Road test to ensure proper brake operation before you leave the shop



Simply put, we take brakes seriously and when we do a brake job we handle every part of the process from start to finish to keep you safe out there on our nation’s roads.

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