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Getting your ac ready for spring

Wintertime is quickly falling out of view in our rearview mirrors, and it’s finally time to start looking ahead to Spring. There are plenty of things to consider for your vehicle as spring approaches, but one you can’t overlook is getting your car’s air conditioning system ready for the warm weather that is on the horizon.


Over the winter, plenty of issues can occur that could reduce the effectiveness of your AC unit including:


•    Damaged hoses or fittings that allow refrigerant to leak out
•    Loose or damaged O-rings and gasket seals
•    Loose connections that cause cool air to not reach the vehicle’s interior
•    Low levels of refrigerant in the system
•    Contaminated AC systems


These problems can reduce fuel efficiency, impact your overall driving experience, and if left unchecked can lead to more serious problems that come with expensive repair costs.


All in all, the easiest way to ensure that your vehicle is ready for the heat of spring is simply to bring it to your local vehicle technician and let us have a quick look at it. We can check for all of the above problems and more, and make sure that your vehicle’s air conditioning system will work for you.

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