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Your chance to save big on cooper tires has arrived!

Tires are one of the single most important parts of your vehicle, and every time that you purchase new tires you’re making an investment in your safety, your vehicle’s performance, and more. A lot of different brands are out there, but Cooper has stood out over the last several years for their commitment to creating high quality tires that will last for longer amounts of time while still providing the high quality performance that you deserve.


And right now, with the Cooper Take The Money And Ride Sale,you can take advantage of big cash savings that can make it even easier to enjoy your purchase. For a limited time you can get up to a $70 Cooper Tires Prepaid Card. The promotion lasts from March 1 to April 15, so you’ll need to act quickly, but it’s a perfect way to get back some cash when you buy a new, full set of select Cooper tires. With spring on its way, you want your vehicle to be ready for the next great road trip–or just for your daily commute. Cooper tires makes it easier to do, and the Take The Money And Ride promotion makes it easy to afford. For more information, swing by your local Bruneel Point S today! 

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