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Fall Car Maintenance Checklist

Weather changes can impact your car’s mechanics. So it’s important you do a seasonal maintenance check. Here is a checklist of the maintenance your car will require this Fall:



● Heater: With the approaching cold weather, you want to make sure that your heater is in good working shape. Check for any coolant leaks on the floorboard and make sure the hoses are in good condition.

● Battery: Clean all battery terminals and cables to promote good conductivity and keep your car running smoothly. Also make sure the battery is securely mounted and not moving around when you drive.

● Tires: Air condenses in cold weather, which can lead to under-inflated tires. So while the temperature drops check your tire air pressure routinely.

● Windshield: You will definitely need your windshield wipers and washer fluid as the weather turns. Check your wiper blades for any damage and fill your windshield wiper reservoir with fluid.

● Body: All the salt and water on the road during the winter can corrode your vehicle’s body. Before the weather turns, give it a good coat of wax. Also check the weather stripping around you windows for any deterioration.



Following this checklist will get your car ready for when the weather changes this Fall. For more information, visit your local Bruneel Point S. 

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