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The Great Winter Rebate - Hankook Tires

With winter on the way, one of the best things you can do for you, your car and your passengers is to make sure your tires are prepared to deal with the snow and ice that can stick to our Idaho roads during the season. Bruneel S is a 100% local Idaho company, so we know all about the weather you’ll be facing at this time of year, and we’re ready to help you deal with it.


Hankook Tires Are Here


From now till the end of the year, we’re offering a rebate of up to $80 when you choose one of four Hankook winter tires on offer at your local Bruneel Point S. Hankook tires have been specially built to withstand colder, more slippery conditions, and we have four different models to serve your needs. If you haven’t looked at your tires for a while, then why wait until the weather gets worse?



Come on down to Bruneel Point S and ask about the for different Hankook winter tire models we have in stock. One of them is sure to be the right fit for your automobile and winter driving needs. And with a rebate, you get even more value out of your purchase. 

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Hankook Tires, Boise, Idaho