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Is Your Battery Still In Good Shape?

Most people forget that there’s actually a battery in your car that’s reliably providing power over the months and years until it finally runs out of juice and needs replacement. Unfortunately for a lot of people, they usually find this out when they need to drive somewhere and find their car won’t start. But your car will usually give you a few warning signs before the battery completely gives up the ghost. Here are the hints you should look for. 


The Car Will Crank But Not Start 


You put the key in, you turn it, and you can hear your car turning over, and over, and over, but it just won’t start. Your battery needs to put out a specific amount of power, and even dropping just a few volts is enough to prevent your car from starting. 


Starting Is Inconsistent 


One day, the car starts fine. The next day it doesn’t, but the day after that, it’s fine again. If you’re seeing inconsistent performance, or more serious hints, like lights in the car no longer turn on, your battery is in trouble. Fortunately, Bruneel Point S is here for you. Simply present the right coupon at any of our outlets and we’ll give you a free battery inspection, and allow you to purchase a new battery with $5 off the price tag! 

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