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Drive Safely This Spring

With the arrival of spring, there are some changes in the weather, and that means changes on the road. Most people think of it as just a simple matter of “no more ice,” and think that means that driving during the spring is about to get a lot easier. But be careful! The change in the season from winter to spring can mean that there are some new precautions you need to take when you hit the road.


Watch Gravel Shoulders


As ice melts and seeps into the ground, it can actually soften the gravel shoulders on roads. If you’re not expecting this, you can lose traction and possibly lose control of your car. Be mindful when you’re on the shoulder of the road, and take it slow.


Mind The Motorcycles


Warm weather means people breaking out their motorcycles or even bicycles and hitting the road for some short trips. It’s time to be careful again, since these vehicles are no match for your own. And even if you “win” in a collision with a motorcycle or bicycle, everyone loses.


Be Careful On Sandy Roads


Main thoroughfares aren’t much of a problem, but smaller roads with sand can be a problem in spring. A mix of sand and salt is sometimes used on these smaller roads for traction, but in spring, it can actually REDUCE traction as it gets into your tires!

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