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A Great Bargain On Hankook Tires!

If there’s one thing any hard working American appreciates, it’s making the most of a good deal. Car maintenance can get expensive, especially with so many factors of the car to look after like the engine, the brakes and, of course, the tires.

We’ve got a great offer for people that are in the market for new tires! Thanks to our special “Hooked On Hankook” promotion, if you own a car, pick up, or SUV, and you decide to buy three Hankook tires, you’ll get the last one for free! This is a limited time promotion that is only available at Bruneel Point S outlets, but taking advantage of it now means you enjoy some great savings. And, of course, you’ll also get the benefit of enjoying some quality Hankook tires that will serve you and your car well for safer, effective driving.

So come on down to Bruneel Point S, get your tires and the rest of your car checked, and make sure that you’re as ready for the road as you can be. We’ve got everything you need to maintain your car’s peak operating performance, and if you want a little help with a fix or a tune-up, we can do that too! Buy 1 get 1 free valid through July 31st 2017.


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