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Back To School Means Back On The Road

We’re not far now from the start of school for the kids in September and the arrival of autumn. That means for drivers that like to stay on top of things, fall will be the time to start thinking about getting your tires inspected and ready for the seasonal change. Is it time for you and your tires? Consider these factors.

Cooler, Wetter Weather

The biggest change that’s going to happen with the arrival of autumn is a drop in temperature and a change in weather. While there’s no predicting just how cold it’s going to get, the cooler temperatures do mean that tire pressure may be affected. As the air gets colder, it compresses, which means your tires could be underinflated as the weather changes.

Autumn also brings with it more rain, and this can result in cooler air and wetter roads. You might want to consider making the switch from your summer tires to your winter tires even as early as fall. Wet weather definitely has an impact on roads, and once the temperature starts dropping to 45 degrees or less, summer tires don’t cope as well with the seasonal change. And of course, if you want to make sure your tires are in prime condition for what’s ahead, get yourself checked out by the experts here at Bruneel Point S!


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