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Is Your Car Ready For Spring?

Spring means warmer weather, and it also means better driving conditions for people on the road! Now that all the precautions you took for winter are no longer necessary, are you set to just hit the road for spring? Not quite! There are a few things you should do to get ready for this seasonal change: 

Check Your Wipers

You’re not supposed to do it, but a lot of us do; using the window wipers and wiper fluid to clear snow and ice off our windshield during the winter. With actual rain on the way, check your wipers to make sure they’re still in good condition and won’t scratch your car!

Switch The Tires

If you took added precaution of getting snow tires during the winter then… you guessed it, it’s time to switch them back out! Different road conditions mean you’ll want different tires to get the right performance and safety from your vehicle.

Clean The Car

This is especially important on the inside for things like the car rugs, which may have gotten caked with ice, mud, dirt and other detritus during the winter season! Get it all shiny and clean!

Let Us Check You Out!

How’s your oil and other fluids in the car? Bring your automobile over and let us get it checked out to make sure everything is in top shape!

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