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Summer is Coming. Are Your Tires and Vehicle Ready?

Summer is coming, and with it, we are going to see elevated temperatures. So, what does that mean for our vehicle and tires? Tire pressure can change when there are fluctuations in temperature. With the summer heat headed our way, there is an increased chance of experiencing a blown-out tire on the open road. 

Keep in mind....

Tire Pressure

As the temperature outside begins to rise, so does the tire air pressure. It has been said that for every ten degrees the temperature rises outside, the tire pressure can be increased by at least one pound per square inch.

Even just a couple extra pounds of tire pressure can make a huge difference and can potentially cause the tires to pop because the pressure has risen too much.

How does this happen?

The temperature outside, the friction made by driving, and the fact that our tires are made from rubber, and the rubber is made so that it can’t coil.

Just like a balloon that has been filled with too much air can pop, so can a tire with higher than normal pressure. So it is very important to keep your tire pressure maintained during the heavy heat season. 


Keeping Your Vehicle Cool

Additionally, your vehicle may also get too hot in the summertime, so it is advised that you utilize a sunshade or window visor to keep the interior of the car a bit cooler.

You should also park in a shaded area or garage if possible to help keep the interior of the car a bit more pleasant.


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