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Road Trip? Follow These Road Safety Checks!

So, you have an upcoming road trip that you are excited about, and you have made several lists to make sure that you don't forget a single thing. But did you happen to include a few car maintenance checks and items on that list that should be done before you hit the road?

Check Your Brakes

Your brakes are an essential component of your vehicle and not checking them before your trip could prove disastrous. Before embarking on your journey, be sure to check the brake pads to make sure they are not worn and need to be replaced.

Oil Change

Getting your oil changed and checking your fluids is also important. If you find that your coolant or oil levels are low, this can indicate that there is a leak somewhere and you should definitely have it checked out and fixed before you leave. You want your car topped off and ready to go.


To ensure your car is safe to drive, an alignment should be done. Wheel alignment can affect your fuel efficiency, tire wear, and performance, and can even affect your maneuverability.

Other Safety Checks

In addition to the above maintenance checks, you should also make sure all your lights are in working order as well as all safety belts and windshield wipers. Taking the time to maintain the car and perform these checks could mean the difference between a safe and fun road trip and a disastrous one.

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