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Premium Blue diesel motor oil change

oil change, boise, idaho While diesel fuels are commonly used in trucks and larger vehicles that require more power, many personal cars also use this fuel source, as diesel engines do have a lot of benefits.  Primarily, residential drivers are beginning to look at diesel engines because there is a much greater fuel economy as compared to petrol powered cars.  Along with the higher torque ratios that can both give more power and consume less fuel over greater distances, these factors make diesel engines attractive to many people.

Unfortunately, there is a fairly large drawback to diesel, and that is the fact that it has higher emissions which also need to be regulated more closely.  However, regular maintenance and the right motor oil can greatly reduce the concern over this problem.

Keeping Combustion Clean

In order to combat some of the emissions issues, different diesel engines will come equipped with Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) systems and Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF).  These features do make a significant impact on emissions, but it is still the manner in which the fuel burns that will most dictate the extent of the exhaust.  Using specially formulated oils will facilitate combustion, and this is one way that emissions are lowered.

Valvoline Premium Blue Diesel Engine Oil is approved for use with EGR and DPF, and further provides engine protection and emissions control benefits.  One of the biggest features is the dispersive polymer technology, which both maintains a constant viscosity and traps soot and other debris that can impact emissions. This not only addresses the exhaust concern, but also protects the engine for a cold start.

Further wear protection comes through the oil formulation as it also reduces soot that can impact oil filters.  In this manner, torque ratios are maintained so that higher power can be achieved with less fuel burn and engine wear.  Finally, higher TBN levels and retention equals a longer functional lifetime for the engine that will be well within chemical standards for emissions. Visit your local Boise or Treasure Valley Tire Factory for your oil change today!

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