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Maxlife motor oil change

Oil Change, Boise, Idaho Although trends in leasing and trading up through each new model year do persist, most people are interested in an automobile that is able to have a long and strong life that also promotes the safety of the passengers.  For this reason, many individuals will take the time to invest in the regular maintenance that promotes engine capacity and life.

Although older engines are still highly functional, they do require some extra attention once they reach a certain mileage.  Vehicles that are over 75,000 miles begin to succumb to issues from friction, wear, and the buildup of debris.  However, using the right motor oil can alleviate many of these issues and can also provide extra protection to moving parts in order to further enhance the life of the engine.

Valvoline MaxLife is one of the synthetic oils that is specifically designed to meet these older engine concerns.  Along with providing superior performance through buffering and lubrication, this oil also helps in actually slowing the oxidation that can corrode parts and lead to further debris in the engine.  Although this benefit alone is a pertinent factor for older vehicles, Valvoline MaxLife also:  

•    Aids in conditioning the engine seals
•    Lowers the actual oil consumption
•    Facilitates stronger power outputs
•    Halts the formation of deposits
•    Minimizes the impacts of thermal breakdown

While these aspects are all positive for the overall performance of the engine, additives including detergents, dispersants, and anti-wear agents all provide further protection for aging engine parts.

It is important for people to remember that part of the reason their vehicle has even reached 75,000 miles is because they have shown the engine the care and maintenance it has needed.  As an engine gets older, its needs will be different, and it is important to still adhere to service routines that will continue to benefit engine longevity. Visit your local Boise Point S for your oil change today!


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