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Full Synthetic Maxlife motor oil change

oil change  boise idahoTaking care of your engine is really the most important aspect of maintaining your car.  This can apply to the everyday vehicle that you rely on for work and errands, or it can apply to a classic that you restored in your free time.  Although the engine requirements for a restored vehicle may be quite different than an everyday car, high mileage can still create friction and pressure simply due to wear.

Valvoline Full Synthetic with MaxLife Technology provides an ideal solution for classic or everyday models that are beginning to rise in mileage.  Although this full synthetic formulation is specifically designed for engines that are at 75,000 miles or higher, it can still benefit lower mileage vehicles by enhancing performance and ensuring a longer life.

The full synthetic oil incorporates stabilizers that aid in preventing the loss of viscosity, and this alone can be a great benefit to engine performance.  With stable lubrication and buffers for friction, there is less wear on the engine parts, but also a greater ability to produce power through unobstructed movement. While this is significant in the present tense, it also means that engines are required to work less in order to provide the same efficiency, and this also promotes longer life.

Further, the use of MaxLife Technology means that Valvoline Full Synthetic also contains agents which further promote longevity and help older engines to function more optimally.  This includes:

•    Cleaning agents to reduce sludge
•    Anti-oxidants to prevent rusting and friction
•    Thermal stabilizers to maintain consistent internal temperatures
•    Seal conditioners to prevent oil and engine leaks

 All of these points can not only make a significant difference with vehicles that have already hit 75,000 miles, but it can also be an asset to cars that are rapidly approaching that engine age.  Ideally, continued care that meets the needs of the engine will also lead to a car that can become nearly ageless. Visit your local Boise or Treasure Valley Point S for your oil change today!

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